Fish are one of the most popular pets and many people move on to keeping them as a hobby. The goldfish are the best place to start and are quite simple to keep with the right preparations and choices. These fish are a great place for youngsters to start before they move on to the tropicals and saltwater fish that require more complex systems and management. Obviously if you move into these more complex fish the choices are greater as to species.

This section is designed to help those people who are thinking of starting out with some fish. We make no apologies for the basic information in the chapters to help beginners in the fish world start with their chosen pets. We hope that the information will cut down on the numbers of fish lost so that people don’t stop having these wonderful pets. Properly set up and managed tanks will result in years of fun and pleasure with your finned friends.

Our practical experience and many requests for basic information from people have led to this section of fishcrown. Many people keep fish, but not all people keep fish well. Fishcrown will help you do this. This section will be packed with practical advice on topics such as selection, setting up the tank, maintenance, species and many tips to make your fish live happily.

6 deadly sins of keeping fish 

looking after goldfish

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Basic Arowana Care Guide

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Keeping Ghost Shrimp

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Betta Fish

Fish Life Cycle and Reproduction

Keeping Tropical Fish – the complete guide

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