If your tank is small, you have many more options. You can place it in the middle of a lounge for everyone to see.

On a windowsill exposing your fish to the world.

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In a bedroom to help you sleep and relax.

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In a study room to help you focus.

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What is the best location for a fish aquarium in your house?

No matter where you place your fish tank, there are a few basic things to consider:

There are a few things to think about, for example:

  • Sunlight
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  • It is best to place you fishtank somewhere with indirect sunlight. This means that the fish tank is in the shade, not directly in the sun.
  • If a fishtank is placed directly in the sun there are many problems. You may experience very fast algae growth, meaning the sides of the glass will turn green. Although this isn’t extremely harmful it is generally not a pleasant sight to look at.
  • Your fish tank may heat up quickly when placed in direct sunlight especially if there are dark ornaments inside the tank which absorbs heat faster, this will affect the ecosystem balance inside the tank and possibly cause a lot of stress to the fish.
  • Wind
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  • Wind can come from many places, such as natural wind from a window or artificial wind from a fan/air conditioner. Warm wind can also come from a heater or a fireplace/kitchen stove, make sure you place your fish tank away from common sources of wind and heat.
  • Wind can change the temperature of your fish tank.
  • If your fish tank doesn’t have a lid, dirty particles can fall into the tank, making it much harder to clean.
  • Children/Pets/People walking around
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  • Avoid placing your fish tank in the path of children or pets to avoid injury and damage.
  • Dust
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  • If your fish tank does not have a cover or lid to protect it then you need to place it somewhere with very little flowing air or wind to prevent dust from settling. If you have a lid then this becomes less of a problem.


As long as your fish tank is protected from the basic things such as strong sunlight, intense wind, people/pets and dust, you can place it anywhere to be enjoyed.


If you believe in the ancient Chinese study of Feng-Shui which provides rules to follow in order to provide maximum good energy, here is a translated article from a Chinese website

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  1. Positioning of the fish tank

Feng-shui suggestions for keeping fish: Do not place it next to electronics to avoid negative electromagnetic flow.

Avoid placing the fish tank in the centre of the room so it does not absorb the energy.

Place the fish tank in a location so that it is immediately visible upon entering the room.

Fish are a wealth-generating creature, placing your tank on furniture may increase their wealth generating ability.

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Aggressive position:

Fish tank should be closest to the Northern wall of the tank.

Joyful position:

Opposite to the location of the chair in the room.

Wealthy position:

In the same direction of the chair in the room.












  1. The relationship between the fish tank and the luck of the home.

Some people have the luxury of space outside of their own home. In this case placing a fish pond around the home will help to draw luck towards the residence. If you wish to place your fish tank inside, here are some rules to follow:

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  1. Do not violate the principle of “没顶水”(head butting the water)

The water level must not be higher than the head of the tallest person of the household, otherwise the luck of the family will be tangled and undesirable.


  1. Do not violate the principle of “割脚水”(foot cutting water). The fish tank must not be placed directly on the ground to avoid blocking the flow of good luck into the home. It must be placed on top of something else.


  1. The fish tank should not be triangular in shape, this may concentrate negative energy and bring bad luck into the home. The best shape of fish tank is round and smooth, this is the best shape for attracting luck.


  1. The type of fish inside the tank will also affect the Feng-shui harmony. Gold-fish are good for attracting wealth. Black coloured fish are only suitable for particular people, such as soldiers. Usually, black coloured fish attract undesirable people, such as the greedy, feeble minded and malicious. The amount of fish kept is also important to attracting good luck and wealth.

Good numbers are anything with 6 & 8 (eg, 6, 88, 36, 18, 80) , bad numbers contain 4 (eg, 4, 14, 24, 49, 41).

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