Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter

This aquarium filter does a fine job for your standard freshwater aquariums but also provides a great filtration method for saltwater varieties too. This canister filter can handle many different types of aquariums, from the smallest ones that fit on a desk to giant aquariums up to 400 gallons.

If you are only keeping a small fishtank is may be a slight overkill but if you are keeping a large, impressive fishtank then this is what you would want.

This product provides a very impressive 350 gph water flow when its being used. Make sure you keep it well maintained so it can continue to function efficiently and effectively.

This filter starts up very easily, by simply pressing a button, a 360 degree rotation will provide a better filtration of the tank. Having a large filter tank allows you to use the system for a long time before any replacements are required at all.


  • A very large, impressively sized product comes with this tank, meaning the filter can be used for an extended period of time before requiring replacement.
  • This filter is built with extremely strong materials which keep your aquarium looking pristine for a very long time, allowing your guests to fully enjoy the quality of your fish tank.,
  • This system is very easy to set up and the filtration process will start running very quickly.
  • This fishtank can be combined with several other forms of media, you can fit bio-sponges, bio-floss and activated carbon into the fish tank for a very wide range of filtration needsDisadvantages:
  • When in operation, this filter creates very loud chattering and grinding sounds. This is definitely a problem the manufacture needs to address. However, if this tank is placed in a very loud environment, such as the lobby of a busy venue then the noise may not be so much of a bother. If you want a quiet household with very little disruptions you may require a better setup for your tank.

2. Fluval external fish tank filter

This is another fishtank filter which provides a very suprerior filtration capacity. The fluval filter is ideal for aquariums of a wide variety of different sizes made by a range of manufactures, this aquarium fishtank, like the one previously mentioned, will also filter both freshwater and saltwater.

This filter contains a very powerful motor which greatly speeds up the filtration process. These various functionalities causes this product to be far superior than its competitors. By simply following the straightforward setup instructions, the product will be up to speed very easily.

If you’re concerned about noise, this product is for you. It works very quietly, with a visibly reduced amount of vibration than the other filters. This product provides a multi stage filtration process which guarantees an extremely high level of quality and efficiency for the cost of the product.


  • Instant start up option, you don’t need to manually siphon anything to get you start which saves you plenty of valuable time.
  • This product clamps very easily. This provides a large amount of security and you will have increased confident and comfort when viewing your aquatic masterpiece.
  • This system contains several unique & independent modules which provide an outlet for mess-free dirt removal from the filter.Disadvantages:
  • With great price comes great quality, this fishtank is undeniably pricier than many equivalents, if you are short on budget then another product will be better.

3. Marineland Magniflow canister

The Marineland Magniflow canister is another fishkeeper’s favourite. This canister has a lid design which is something which will create a very solid build for the canister, it also has a water tight seal for the best filtration experience. Its extremely important to prevent leaks from happening, especially when it comes to water filtration.

Ending up with leaks from the filter is the last thing anybody could ever want. This means you are losing potential nutrients in the water which can easily be circulated back into the aquarium.

Also, it is very important to polish the pad which is incorporated into the filter. The purpose of this pad is to remove the fine debris which may affect the filtered water’s quality. You should end up with cleaned water which can be used by the fish without any problems.

This model is designed to have bio-filter balls and ceramic rings. They are very important for providing a multifaceted surface area which is important for the propagation of bio spires. This means that your aquarium is able to have all the important filtration and replenishment of bio spires.

You’ll still get black diamond carbon installed inside the filter which is essential for removing odors, discolorization and other water impurities which will negatively affect the quality of life in your aquarium fish tank.


  • The operation is extremely easy. The filter is primed very simply. The price is only moderate. No leaks exist in the filter.

  • Despite having a good functionality this filter is not built with sturdy materials. Although it is definitely strong enough to remain function, the thin materials used to save cost may reduce its lifespan.

4. EHEIM Classic External Canister Fish Tank Filter Media

This is another type of filter which has been growing in popularity over the past few years. This product has a permo-elastic silicon sealing ring keeping the product sealed securely while operating in the aquarium. Because of the quality of this product, you no longer need to worry about leakage that have been occurring with other types of fish.

This filter comes with a wide variety of filter sponges and other filter media, increasing the product’s working capability. Many accessories come with this filter – a spray bar, hose, inlet house and many other accessories to help your a fishtank become a pleasurable environment for your pet fish.


  •  Additional looser filter media can be added for greater efficiency.
  • All the filter media you may possibly need for your aquarium included.


  • Although the price of this filter has been reduced, it may not last as long as the most expensive models. It will last a few months to a year easily but otherwise but don’t expect it to last longer than the other models.

5. Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium filter

This is a heavy duty fishtank filter, its sure to provide excellent quality and durability in exchange for the cost. This tank is almost a state-of-the-art industrial grade pump – it can process 265 gallons per hour, its primary use case is for aquariums of 100-gallons and more.

This external filter with deliver a very powerful output capacity of 265 gallons per hour – more than enough volume for most aquarium enthusiasts who don’t live in a billionaire mansion.

This filter is designed for powerful continuous powerful performance for extended periods of time. By using this filter you can expect filtration and delivery of crystal clear and clean water to keep your fish healthy at all times.

As a small bonus, this external filter comes with a coarse sponge which you can use to conveniently remove any waste and excess food left over in the fish tank.

* For every canister you buy, there is a free filter included.
* Like many of the other products on this page, this external filter is extremely durable and strong, it will last for a long time without a doubt.
* This filter will remove many different types of contaminants such as food, ammonia and several different types.

* This external aquarium filter will consume a lot of power.

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