1. thou shalt not overcrowd thy aquarium

It may be tempting to add many fish into your aquarium at once to create a bustling waterscape but this will probably create conflict, death and disease. Always start with a small amount of fish, observe their behavior for a few weeks and only decide to add new fish if they continue to display healthy behavior.  

2. thou shalt not overfeed thy fish

Like many beautiful things, fish are not the most intelligent creatures. Unlike humans, they don’t know when they’re full, they will continue to eat until they overload their stomachs and bloat to death. Do not overfeed your fish. 

3. thou shalt not neglect regularly water changes

  Water to fish is like air to humans. In nature, water is replaced and replenished naturally by evaporation, rain and internal currents to maintain a clean & healthy living environment. An aquarium is a closed ecosystem without the forces of nature available to create change. Its important to regularly change the water to give your aquarium a clean place to live.

4. thou shalt not neglect changing thy filter catridge

  Similar to the previous point, there is a natural cycle of water filtration in the wild which ensures that water is kept clean. This filtration can either be water trickling directly through the ground into the aquatic mass or from water evaporating (filtered through the air) and falling back in the form of rain. 
  In the closed aquarium ecosystem, the filter mimics nature by constantly cleaning, filtering and replenishing the aquarium’s source of water.

5. thou shalt not allow your thy gravel to be filthy

  Again comparing to the natural ecosystem, the gravel, or dirt sediment which lingers at the bottom of the tank is important to be kept clean for a clean and healthy ecosystem. Clean your gravel regularly to prevent bacteria and disease. 

6. thou shalt not lack patience

Patience is a very important quality for all areas of life. 
Many veteran aquarists agree that patience is one of their greatest traits. You need patience to observe whether a new fish will settle in well to the aquarium. You need patience to wait for your water test results. You need patience to wait for products to arrive when you order them online. You need patience to sit down and clean your aquarium equipment. All great things in life come with concentrated effort, you need patience to apply that effort.

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