Types of Koi

Koi come in a variety of colours and each has its individual name. Broadly speaking, the single coloured koi come in white, red, yellow and gold.

Red, white, yellow, gold – 4 different types of Koi fish

Koi with two colours can be red on white, black on white, black on red, yellow on black and blue on top with red or orange underneath.

Red on white, Black on white, Black on red, Yellow on black, blue and red/orange

Three color koi can be white with black and red or black with white and red mottles. Each of these types has a Japanese name to match and this is what they are shown as. These variations in color and pattern can be quite intricate and to get the pattern right can be most difficult. Koi also have variations in scales and tins that supply endless variation. When you choose your Koi think first about why you want them is. for show, breeding or pleasure and then select the color and type that will suit you.

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