1. Setting up a Tank
2. Buying and selecting goldfish
3. Maintaining the Tank
4. Feeding your Goldfish
5. Breeding Goldfish
6. Goldfish Diseases

Introduction to goldfish

Goldfish are one of the most popular pets in the world. Most people have kept a goldfish at sometime or another. They occupy little space in the home, they don’t need to be walked and certainly don’t make a mess around the place. Goldfish are relaxing to watch and are said to relieve the stress of modern living. All in all, goldfish are a great pet if you care for them properly.

Image result for goldfish

The typical image people picture when they think of “goldfish”

While the goldfish we have now come in many colors and forms such as comets, shubunkins, veiltails, lionheads, bubble eyes and globe eyes they all originally came from a simple goldfish. These fish are said to have originated in China and were a green and brown fish. A very ordinary fish with unglamorous coloring, they were soon taken from the wild and bred with other fish to form the common goldfish. These fish were kept as pets but were very different from the fish we know now. It has taken years of selective breeding to get the fancy, beautiful fish we can easily buy today.

Image result for goldfish selective breeding chart

A chart displaying the different species of goldfish – just remember there are hundreds of different species that aren’t even shown here!

Most experts agree that while it was the Chinese that first domesticated (turned them into pets) the goldfish, it was the Japanese that began to breed them seriously and develop the many types we see today. The plain, simple goldfish has developed a wide range of features that make them a desirable pet. Breeding has made them gold, red, white and black in color and created the variety of appearances we will investigate later.

Image result for goldfish color variations

A beautiful picture of a koi pond demonstrating the diversity of color

It is this breeding that makes them such great pets. The wide range of gleaming colors is very attractive to people in a pet shop. The fish also have a gentle temperament and cannot cause any harm. Goldfish are also relatively hardy and will survive in conditions that would kill tropicals and other fish. They are also less fussy about food. Children are attracted to them by the long fins, bright colors, unusual eyes and simplicity.

This is not to say that you can stick them in a bowl and leave them. Goldfish can live up to 10 years or more so it is not a short term investment in an animal. To get the most enjoyment out of your pet read this section carefully and follow the simple things to do to keep them alive and healthy. It is our aim to make sure you enjoy the goldfish as a pet. The aim is that, together, we can have a clean tank, healthy fish and interesting plants and decorations. Once we have the essentials up and running we can sit back and watch the fruits of labor in relaxation and enjoyment.

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