Selecting the right fish tank for your aquarium when starting off is a very challenging experience which can be hard and scary to make. There are so many different types of tanks, which one will be the best for my fish and requirements? Size, height, length, weight, material – there are so many factors to consider.

In this article we will explore the different types of fish tanks to keep and the best place to buy to provide good quality and cheap price.

1. Marineland ML 90609 Potrait Aquarium kit

Marineland is a reputable brand with a history spanning back to 1968. They are renown for their quality build and aesthetic appeal.

Its standout quality is the feature of LED lightbulbs in the aquarium. LED aquariums are a very popular feature popular with many enthusiasts at the moment.

As a bonus, this fisktank is very unique and eye catching because it is upright standing. The potrait orientation of this fishtank will be sure to draw extra attention to your fishtank!

(PS: The height of this fishtank is perfect for adding tall aquatic plants into your aquarium. )

2. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

This fishtank comes in three sizes: 5, 10 and 20 gallons. It can be a small ornament on your desk or a huge attraction sitting in the middle of your home. Remember, smaller tank sizes carry many disadvantages, it is highly recommended that you keep no more than 2 fish in a small tank as they will be highly susceptible to death and disease.

This fishtank has a very small rectangular shape, the neon bulb is designed to emit a good amount of light to illuminate the tank without disturbing your fish.

Filtration is solved by a clip on filter which is included in the kit. This is a type of waterflow filter which hangs on the back of the tank – although this will be sufficient in a smaller aquarium a different filtration method may be needed for filtering larger amounts of water and keeping in more fish.

3. Coralife Fish Tank LED BioCube Aquarium Starter Kits

This fishtank has a high aesthetic appeal, especially if you would like it to represent a modern aesthetic. With its sleek design and seemingly aerodynamic body, this fishtank is definitely suited to the modern home.

This fishtank will look particularly appealing with the addition of aquatic reef, the precision engineered body with the irregular, natural formation of the aquatic plants will be sure to stand out.

Not only is the body very futuristic, this fishtank has the internal technology to match. With a hinge lid making for easy access and a 24 hour timer at the top of the lid allowing you to set an automatic night/day light sequence, managing your aquatic climate with this fishtank will be effortless.

Moonlight can be replicated as well by emitting a different wavelength to the sun. This may help to further stimulate the natural environment your fish will be used to in the wild, allowing them to thrive in optimal health conditions.

4. Aqueon Aquarium fish tank, starter kit with LED lighting

Everything you need in your aquarium is covered by the Aqueon fishtank. Like many other advanced, tanks, this tank comes with a Quiet Flow Pro Filter in addition to another cartridge. Making it easier to keep your aquarium clean, the filter has a dirt detector which will automatically illuminate a red warning LED to remind you it is time to switch to a cleaner filter to allow better filtration.

The powerful LED lights come with a hood which diverts the light from directly penetrating into the water. This creates a very gentle light which will create a very comfortable environment for your fish to live, hunt, eat and entertain.

This tank also comes with a heater which will automatically heat your water to a very comfortable temperature. This is ideal for tropical fish.

Furthermore, this fishtank will provide you with a great sample of premium fish food and water conditioner to keep your fish happy. Although this food and water conditioner won’t last forever in this aquarium, its still a very nice gift from the manufacture of this tank. Oh, did I also mention they give you a free fishnet and thermometer?

Although this kit is pricier, it comes with a ton extra equipment. Also, remember, the quality of this fishtank means it may last much longer, like a good pair of leather shoes – this aquarium may be much cheaper in the long run.

5. Tetra 29234 Half Moon Aquarium Kit

The stand out point of this fishtank is without a doubt – its unique half crescent, shape, definitely not something you see in an aquarium everyday.

You can either place this aquarium to stand individually, fully expressing the grandeur of its almighty shape – or you can place it against the wall, adding not only extra physical stability, you can also cover up any holes you punched out of frustration from making noob mistakes – such as putting too many fish in a small tank.

The filtration method of this aquarium is also something to write home about – its boasts Tetra whisper filtration. Quadruple the filtration results. This makes it very quiet because there is a quadfecta of sound dampening – this makes it absolutely ideal for Betta fish, because they prefer water without a lot of current.

The tetra whisper filtration system uses a method known as a three-stage filtration. A bio-bag is made of double sided mesh which filters out large pieces of debris and waste with one side whereas the other side contains activated charcoal to remove any offensive odors and impure substances which will undoubtedly be harmful to your fish. This bioscrubber provides a method of biological filtration, it is very beneficial to maintaining a healthy environment for your tank.

This submersible filter is filled with sand, the heater keeps the tank to a very narrow range of 74 – 78 degrees, which is the goldilocks zone for tropical fish who prefer a warm water temperature in an aquarium. The heater fits perfectly into the filter box – this means you won’t have to worry about spatial and visual distractions – leaving all the power in your hands to create the most beautiful fishtank in your neighbourhood.

LED lights are also clipped onto the back and top of the tank, creating a beautiful glow and generating the ideal environment for any sort of plant life you wish to introduce into your aquatic fishtank ecosystem. This fishtanks height also provides a large space for aquatic plants to grow.

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