1. New Arowana, New Fishtank?

A new fish tank can be dangerous to your Arowana.

When you’re a beginner that is going to be keeping fish as beautiful, rare and expensive as an Arowana, make sure you perform the right procedures to ensure your fish are clean and healthy.

After buying a new Arowana, the natural inclination is to buy a new tank and stick in a new fish. This is called new tank syndrome. Ammonia is a byproduct of fish activity and easily produced in the tank.

In order the clear the fishtank of ammonia, biological filtration is needed. Through the action of beneficial bacteria, the ammonia can be converted to nitrate ,which is far less dangerous to Arowana fish.

The beneficial bacteria responsible for converting ammonia into nitrate is called nitrosomonas, this beneficial bacteria that converts nitrate into nitrate is callde nitrospiria.

In a new fishtank, both nitrosonomas and nitrosipira takes time to build up to become beneficial to your Arowana fish. The Nitrate in a fishtank can be completely removed by a change in water.

It requires a month for a fishtank to establish enough nitrosonomas and nitrospiria so that the Arowana introduced can be unaffected by New Tank Syndrome. New Tank Syndrome is particularly harmful to beginners who would like their Arowanas to be healthy, its important to introduce the necessary bacteria!


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