Why do humans take care of fish?

Having an aquarium reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and can even cure insomnia. In today’s scientific, evidence based age we need a reference to a study to justify everything, so here it is. (http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0013916515597512).

Even though we don’t need a long study to prove that keeping an aquarium is undoubtedly a highly enjoyable and relaxing experience.

By simply watching fish swim around in a tank for a few minutes you lower your stress. As your fish swim around gracefully in the beautiful environment you have created for them, their mesmerizing movements cause you to feel a reassuring sense of serenity. As you witness the wonder and beauty of mother nature captured harmoniously in a glass aquarium unfold, you feel a sense of satisfaction and easiness. Your fish glide hypnotically through the water, putting your mind in a blissful trance – any semblance of stress previously bothering you is completely washed away, leaving your mind completely at ease.

Fish are cleaner, cheaper and easier to take care of than a cat or dog. There is also considerably less emotional attachment to fish in an aquarium. To prevent the death of a dog/cat, people spend thousands of dollars on expensive surgeries and treatments at the vet, draining both their bank accounts and their emotional wellbeing. Although the death of fish, especially one that has been around a long time or is exceptionally rare, can also be extremely distressing for the owner, it is usually not nearly as devastating as losing a cat or dog, simply buying a new one definitely won’t break the bank.

Fish carry little disease, unlike many other pets. Cats and dogs in many countries can come home dirty and bloody, they may even contract conditions such as rabies. Although fish can be infected by diseases of their own they do not spread to humans no matter how serious they are to the fish. Fish are also much easier to clean than cats and dogs. They never require grooming, they never require cleaning, they never need “potty training” and you never have to pick up their litter. You don’t need to take them out on a walk unless you really want to.

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Even if you do decide to take your fish out on a walk then they will still be very unlikely to become physically or romantically aggressive towards other animals or people.

Fish will not mess up your house. As long as your aquarium is well setup then you will encounter no mess. Sure, you’ll need to change the water and scrub the surface once in a while but compared to the amount of time dog/cat owners spent grooming and washing their animals, the time spent keeping your aquarium clean is minimal.

Fish require considerably less space and do not mark their territory with urine, unlike dogs. You do not need to install a cat/dog door for your fish as it has no desire to leave your house into the outside world nor do you need to install an outside kennel for a fish.

Fish do not hurt people. Although dogs and cats are very lovable creatures few would trust these creatures around their newborn children. Fish will never hurt any humans unless they are sharks, piranhas or electric eels – you probably won’t be keeping these.

Unlike cats and dogs whose moods are affected by your own, fish will always be calm as long as their environment is not easily influenced provided you have them in a good setup. No matter how you feel coming home, happy, sad, ecstatic or devastated, as long as your plants are living, your water is a good temperature and your filter is running quietly in the background, your fish will always be swimming around just like any other day. They are always relaxed, always calm, like a tranquil old buddhist monk chanting hymns in a Tibetan temple, your aquarium will always provide a calm emotional anchor in times of need. I feel so relaxed just thinking about it.

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