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Keeping Arowana for Beginners

1. New Arowana, New Fishtank? A new fish tank can be dangerous to your Arowana.

Basic Arowana Care Guide

The Arowana is the staple fish of the high-end aquarium. Its illustrious colors and striking

Types of aquarium substrates

Aquarium substrates provide many purposes. Not only do they look visually appealing, they also provide

Aquarium Maintenance

Simulating wild conditions Ideally, an aquarium’s conditions will be completely the same as in the

All about Betta Fish

Betta Splendens – commonly known as the betta or Siamese fighting fish. Betta fish are

Interesting facts about goldfish – things you didn’t know

A goldfish is considered to be a common fish which is a staple of cheap fish in petstores around the world. Nobody really bothers to consider the history of the goldfish or where it originated from because it appears to be extremely mundane. People fail to realize that the goldfish has a very rich and […]

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How To Keep Goldfish

How to Keep Goldfish Goldfish are one of the easiest and most popular species for

benefits of keeping fish

Why do humans take care of fish? Having an aquarium reduces stress, lowers blood pressure

7 ways to keep healthy, happy freshwater fish

These tips will keep your water clear, fish healthy and aquarium happy 1. Float your